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If you haven’t yet heard of our Twerk slot, it’s time we fill you in. Our Twerk game is one of the most popular games in our portfolio — especially since we’ve been the first to create such a game with this trendy theme. What makes this game special is its unique bonus game where two dancers have a “dance off” in a dance battle. If you’ve played this before, you know that once your dancer makes it to the final level, she’ll encounter the gorgeous Goldie dancer — who also happens to be the highest paying symbol. Will you and your dancer be able to meet Goldie? And more importantly, what will happen when you do?

Once you come face to face with Goldie, you can expect nothing less than champagne showers and fountains of money because you’ve twerked your way to the top!
But what if we told you that at the very beginning of the Dance battle, the Goldie can be chosen as your dancer?
If you’re interested, you can see what happens in a replay of one of our recent game sessions. Our lucky player had three VS symbols (Scatters) land for him on the reels and he ended up in the bonus game. It was a fantastic surprise to have him meet Goldie as his first dancer at the very beginning! As usual, Goldie was amazing and invincible as she climbed up the battle rankings with each twerk to the very top, beating her opponents with some insane fullscreen winning combinations.

It’s not over yet, though — the lucky player claimed the bonus for every victorious round. But to be honest, this is nothing compared to the gold that Goldie brings with that fullscreen combo.

The player was betting 50 credits (which equals to 25 units in his own currency) per spin. After the bonus game, he ended up winning an outstanding 151,050 credits (75,525 units in his own currency) which makes a wonderful X3021 multiplier of his bet!

We’re really happy to be able to show you our Twerk slot’s mighty potential, and we hope that it inspires our players to keep playing until they get their golden ticket from Goldie herself. We would like to wish the best of luck to you all and to congratulate our lucky winner!!!

Excited to play the game now? Click and enjoy the Twerk slot now!

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