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  • Interview with Casinoshunter

Our Sales Director, Kirill, has met with CasinosHunter in an exclusive interview to discuss his role at Endorphina, the company’s unique marketing methods, a new Christmas slot, plans for the future, and more! Interested in the answers? Find them out for yourself and read the full interview below:

Casinoshunter: Hello and thank you for finding time to take part in our Q&A! For starters, could you please tell our readers more about your experience and your role in the company? 

Kirill: Hello, thanks a lot Casinoshunter for the opportunity to share some of the latest updates about our company. I am the Sales Director at Endorphina and I am responsible for entering new markets, building strong relationships with partners, and the growth of the company in general.

Casinoshunter: What are Endorphina’s main ways of attracting the players’ attention to the company’s games? What methods are used for marketing, what channels of communication, etc.? 

Kirill: I think the most successful way of promoting games is by being featured on our partners’ social media. Currently, our games are available in more than 1,500 casinos!

Almost every casino has its own social media and other media distribution channels. Of course, we have our own media partners and social media, but we are mostly focusing on B2B promotion. In addition, streams are getting more and more popular among the players, so we also closely work with this communication channel too. 

Casinoshunter: We know that on December 7th, Endorphina will release a new slot featuring the Christmas theme. Can you tell us a bit more about it, and what features make it interesting? 

Kirill: Yes, Endorphina has decided to escalate the Christmas atmosphere to a whole new level with its brand new Royal Xmass slot. This lucky game brings some of the magic right into your homes for the holiday! This slot is set to reward only the best, draped in exceptional and luxurious gold and red to make anyone feel like absolute royalty. 

I’m happy to announce our newest game Royal Xmass that comes with a very special gift inside - a multiplier of 93750x – pretty cool, isn't it?

Casinoshunter: Ice London is approaching, and Endorphina will join. What are the company’s plans for this event? 

Kirill: We are quite famous for bringing unexpected things right into ICE. For instance, last year, we brought a real 17-ton tank to ICE, as it was a premiere of our new slot - Cash Tank. We really wanted to make it unforgettable by having our tank shoot out real cash every single hour! Yes, real cash and hundreds of USD were being shot from the cannon for our visitors to grab and take home.

This year is not an exception, as always, we want to surprise visitors of the expo with interesting activities and unique merch at our stand. There will be real high technologies, unusual dances, and the most unique guests! You’re more than welcome to visit our stand N6-320

Casinoshunter: The year 2021 is almost over. Are you happy with the results? Can you name the most outstanding events, the most successful games made, or awards received this year? 

Kirill: This year is becoming the most successful one for us for a few reasons: we’ve achieved a few strategic partnerships with leading iGaming companies in the whole industry to positively reflect our financial results. 

In addition, we’ve been shortlisted in prestigious awards like SBC, Europe Gaming Awards, and Casinobeats. Also, we were honored to win in the category of  best game developer in 2021 by UGW!

Casinoshunter: Are there any particular plans for 2022? 

Kirill: We will continue to delight our players with new releases. In addition, we’re working on new promo tools which I’m sure our players will love. But we don’t want to spoil the surprise for our players. Also, we will continue our expansion into the Balkan region. Furthermore, we have also prepared some exciting news regarding entering new markets, so stay tuned!

Casinoshunter: Do you feel there are any specific trends in online gambling, globally, that you would like to pursue in order to take Endorphina to the next level? 

Kirill: I see a clear trend of introducing unique mechanics. A lot of providers are experimenting with new functionalities inside of slot games, but for me personally as a player, it’s important to understand the math and logic of the slot game. So, the new functionality is always good. It pushes the market, but it’s also important to keep the balance and not to confuse players with too many complicated features.

 One of the recent trends is a bonus-buy feature. As well as other providers, Endorphina introduced its very own feature called Bonus Pop. Players can try the new feature in various slots in our portfolio.

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